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Financing risk-taking with deposits is an inherently fragile business model that depends on persistent government support. There are alternatives.
Michael and I discuss globalization, Mary Poppins, the IRA, and what China gets right that so many other developing countries get wrong.
Trying to figure out why one reflation was also a growth miracle, while the other one was not.
Activity is normalizing along with rates. Builders' prudence on hiring during the boomlet is now shielding the job market.

February 2023

The question is whether that is enough of a problem to justify the costs of addressing it.
Russia's imports have almost certainly recovered thanks in part to surging exports from Ukraine's supporters to Russia's relatively friendly neighbors…
The latest wave of U.S. economic data suggest that growth remains strong even as excessive inflation persists. The interest rates that made sense in the…
The Federal Reserve's asset portfolio has shrunk by roughly $500 billion since last summer. The impact has not been distributed evenly.
An exclusive interview with a member of the Monetary Policy Committee.
The discrepancy between Chinese goods exports according to customs data and according to the balance of payments remains extremely large.
Before getting worried about U.S.-led "deglobalization" or "fragmentation", it helps to have some context about what has already happened.