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Some initial thoughts based on the AFRE, banking, and preliminary balance of payments numbers
The export and manufacturing surge that had helped offset consumer weakness is fading at the same time as the housing market is starting to roll over
For now, anyway.
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Some thoughts on the implications of "soft budget constraints", featuring Eastern bloc economics, China's development model, and Perpetual Peace
The downturns in everything from car sales to dining out will probably either bottom out or at least moderate in the months ahead.
China's leaders have their own reasons to rapidly decarbonize and have already committed to achieving net zero greenhouse emissions.
The death and disruption were bound to create real economic losses, even if things are better now than what one might have feared in the spring of 2020…
Tying together some threads from recent data releases
The country's new prime minister says he wants a "virtuous cycle in which raising the incomes of a wide range of people stimulates consumption"